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Welcome to the Law Offices of Jacob Sider.  I help clients throughout California to aggressively pursue employer disputes.

I expeditiously handle matters such that my clients

  • Have quick closure
  • Mitigate employment gap
  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary legal fees
  • Receive a settlement payout faster

My plaintiff-side employment law firm works with clients that are currently working for or are no longer working with the company that committed the employment violation.  

How I Can Help You

My employment law firm focuses on certain law practices, most notably wrongful termination, wage & hour law involving minimum wage and overtime pay violations, and missed meal breaks.  I do offer support and representation for other employment law matters as well including contract law and negotiation of severance packages

I have obtained favorable rulings and beneficial settlements for numerous clients.

Meet Jacob Sider - Employment Lawyer

With almost a decade of experience, attorney Jacob Sider has fought for the rights of employees in several areas of employment law including employer retaliation, breach of contract, and discrimination.

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If you believe you are a victim in any of the matters of employment law that I cover, please contact me immediately to see if you have a case.  Don't waste any time, closure is around the corner.

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