Oakland Minimum Wage and Hour Attorney

I am dedicated to fighting for employees’ rights, including the right to make a livable minimum wage by employers, according to wage and hour laws. I represent employees in claims to recover unpaid wages.  The Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) guarantee employees the right to fair wages. If you feel like you're not receiving the federal minimum and are not receiving pay for "required" work functions, let me help you!

Federal Wage and Hour Laws in Consideration to Minimum Wage

Minimum wage laws were created to keep employers from cheating their employees out of proper hourly wages, many times while the employee is completely oblivious to the mistreatment. I inform my clients of the details of minimum wage laws, providing information about how any work done for a company's benefit not paid for is criminal.  Minimum wage laws secure employees’ rights from such employer requests to work "off-the-clock", volunteer hours, or provide company favors.  I can offer legal assistance to make sure you’re protected.

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I am experienced with all forms of wage and hour laws including the failure to pay minimum wage.  Contact me for a FREE consultation as soon as possible.