Do You Have A Case?

 At the Law Offices of Jacob Sider, I help my clients settle disputes with their previous employers.  I represent clients that are still working for the disputed company or no longer work with the company to ensure that I can aggressively go after those employers who have violated your employee rights to the highest extent of state and federal law.

You benefit from working with me because:

  • I resolve cases quickly since many of my cases can be completed and settled over the phone. 
  • You can receive quick closure for the ordeal.
  • You can receive a settlement check faster.
  • You only pay a percentage of the settlement instead of a standard hourly rate.

If I don't win your case, you don't pay.  The longer you're in dispute with your previous employer, the bigger your employment gap may become.  I can mitigate all wait times and get straight to the point to resolve your case. 

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For a free consultation, give me a call today and see if you have an employment law case.  I am ready to help you with wrongful termination, failure to pay overtime cases, failure to pay minimum wage cases, meal & rest break cases, and many more.