Oakland Employee Misclassification Attorney

I am dedicated to fighting for employees’ rights, including overtime pay violations by employers, according to wage and hour laws. An overtime wage attorney represents employees in claims for unpaid overtime. Federal wage and hour laws guarantee employees the right to fair wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA). Employers too often disregard their legal duty to provide employees the compensation they deserve. Let me help you!

Federal Wage and Hour Laws in Consideration to Overtime

Wage and hour laws were created to keep employers from using methods to cheat their employees out of proper hourly wages, many times while the employee is completely oblivious to the mistreatment. I inform our clients of the details of wage and labor laws, providing information about how requests for unpaid extra hours is criminal.  Above all, work completed after 40 hours of work not paid at an overtime rate for some salaried positions is offensible.  Overtime wage laws secure employees’ rights from such employer requests, I am able to offer legal assistance to make sure you’re protected.

Contact Me For An Overtime Wage & Hour Attorney Consultation

I am savvy and understanding, and I champion for the rights of employees in overtime wage situations. Our law firm is experienced with all forms of wage and hour laws but is primarily focused the failure to pay overtime. Contact me for a consultation as soon as possible. You deserve proper payment, and you possess rights to it. The work you accomplished in good standing is protected and must be paid for, in compliance with wage laws.